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A Job Well Done
Natural and Cultural Riches of Kent, CT

The Kent Conservation Commission published the first edition of its Natural and Cultural Resources Inventory (NCRI) this week. We picked up a copy the other day and found ourselves mesmerized by the stories, old photographs and facts it contains about our town. The culmination of over five years of data collection, research, writing and editing, the book, titled Natural and Cultural Riches of Kent, CT, is a trove of interesting and useful historical and demographic information as well as inventories of the species which inhabit our region and full-color maps of our geology, soils, water and open spaces.

Consisting of over 100 pages of text and tables, plus a dozen maps and a fascinating selection of old photographs, it’s easy to get lost reading about our iron industry, the evolution of the village center, the Schaghticokes and the flora and fauna with which we share our 49.6 square mile home. The Commission, along with its writers, is to be commended for having spent the clearly countless hours that went into the production of this worthwhile addition to the list of books that help us understand and appreciate our town. Particular praise is due its editors, Wendy Murphy and Liddy Baker, and the cartographers, Jos Spelbos and Kirk Sinclair. Copies of the limited edition book are available at the Kent Memorial Library, The House of Books, and the Town Clerk's Office for $25 each. We heartily recommend it.